We would love to burn your Guys on the best Bonfire in Northumberland!

Guy Competition

As part of this years bonfire celebrations, Hexham Round Table will be judging a Guy Fawkes competition on the Sele on the day of the Bonfire. The competition is open to children of age eighteen and under.

This years theme is Villains - so lets have lots of really gruesome Guys! 

The aim of the competition is to have some fun building guys and maybe win a prize! 


The Rules

This is important so no one gets hurt when we burn the guys

  • Each guy should be created of legally combustible material, i.e. we don’t want anything that may cause a health hazard, such as bicycle tyres or fireworks hidden inside!

  • We will request some form of parental acknowledgement or sign off of what their youngster has produced, or if the guy is produced at school, the appropriate staff member could vouch for this

  • An Entry form should be completed for each guy, if possible, please attach in a clear plastic bag (food bag is ideal) if it is wet will still be able to read your entry form - download at http://www.hexhamroundtable.org.uk/entry.pdf

  • Completed guys, of whatever size and shape, should be delivered to the bonfire site on the Sele between 12pm and 4pm on the day of the bonfire where a Round Table member will put them on display.

  • At 5pm approximately, Round Table will judge the guys and announce the winner or winners. Small prizes, probably book tokens or cinema vouchers, will be allocated to the makers of the winning guys, and some financial award will also be given to their respective school or scout/guide troop or youth organisation.

  • The judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.